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Given below is Technical information about our Good Life UV system as compared to the conventional quartz glass type.

The best thing about our UV systems is that there is little or no maintenence cost. You will only need to change the UV lamps once a year. We use low pressure UV lamps that have a rated life of 9000 hours. Our UV systems need no cleaning since thare is no quartz sleeve that gets fouled. Therefore our UV systems are the best for use in waste-water treatment systems.

In conventional UV systems there is a UV lamp covered with a quartz glass sleeve that is immersed in the water. Please see attached file (quartz system inner) to see the internal working of the conventional quartz type UV system. The water comes from the inlet, flows over the quartz glass tube and goes out of the outlet. In the process ultraviolet germicidal rays pass through the water and disinfects it.

This type of an UV system is the old conventional design. It is easy to make and cheap also. However this type of an UV system has a lot of disadvantages like :

  • The quartz tube gets fouled, i.e. there is a slime formation on the quartz glass tube and this fouling does not allow the UV rays to pass porperly for optimum results.
  • Fouling is a natural and happens in all quartz UV systems.
  • Fouling will not allow the UV system to work at its optimum capacity.
  • Regular cleaning of the quartz glass is necessary, either manually or mechanically by wipers.
  • Wipers come with their own set of problems. Also increases working cost.
  • Since the UV lamp is immersed in the water electrical hazards are quite common.
  • The quartz glass is very fragile and brakeges are also common.
  • Changing of the UV lamp may require trained personnel.
  • Due to the above reasons Quartz glass type UV systems are very difficult and costly to maintain.

In Good Life UV systems there is no quartz glass. The water in our UV systems flow inside specially extruded FEP Teflon tubes and the lamps are placed outside the Teflon tubes. Please see attached file (GLP Inner) to see the internal working of the Good Life Products UV system.

  • Advanced FEP (Teflon) tubing is excellent, rugged transmitter of UV light.
  • FEP Teflon is non-fouling and non-sticking, there is no slime formation as compared to quartz glass.
  • No regular cleaning required. Good Life Products UV system is a maintenance free system.
  • FEP Teflon is heating resistant and unaffected by UV rays.
  • FEP Teflon tubes can withstand high pressure.
  • FEP Teflon never breaks; it will last a lifetime.
  • GOOD LIFE PRODUCTS method of flowing water through its Advanced FEP (Teflon) tubes separate from electrical circuits enhances system safety. No electrical hazards due to water. Good for continuos operation.
  • In GOOD LIFE UV system UV lamps are enclosed but not sealed in the UV chamber, this facilitates easy lamp changing.
  • The UV lamps are easily replaced without interrupting water flow. That is there is no need to shut down the entire plant in the event of carrying out any form of maintenance.
  • Water passing through the Teflon tubes is exposed to UV light at full 360 degrees ensuring maximum kill.
  • The system is designed in such a way that there are no moving parts, therefore there is no wear and tear, which translates into less maintenance, which also means low running costs.

Due to these advantages Good Life UV is the better choice for an UV system.

Our UV systems have sucessfully passed the UV bioassay test as specified by the NSF in the Bureau of Indian Standards.

We take great pride in making our UV systems and give TOTAL commitment in providing the highest quality.










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